Hi! I’m Mark and I Design to solve problems

I’m a UX Designer and Design Researcher from Manila and I love obsessing about design problems. I’m currently a Senior Product Designer at Kalibrr where I help lead the product design improve the experience finding jobs.

You may have heard of me from my medium articles as well as from my time designing the mobile shopping experience and design system of OLX Philippines. You may have also seen me speak at Form Function and Class as well as Junior Form Function and class.

I’m very passionate about my work with tech community as well as using UX for my advocacies in Human Rights and Public Health.

How I work

Human Centered Design, from exploration to iteration.

1. Research

Explore the problem

2. Analysis

Understand the Problem

3. Design

Solve the problem

4. Iterate

Improve beyond the problem

Here's my work

These are some of my case studies

How can I help

I love sharing knowledge.

I love teaching and inspiring other people about design and using design to solve problems. I’ve done workshops on creating design principles and design systems as well as designing better experiences for your own communities. If you have an event or a publication I can be of help with feel free to drop me an email.


  • March 20, 2019:
    Is it a Design problem? Solving Problems through design
    Ateneo De Manila University
  • February 6, 2019:
    Beyond Buttons, The Future of Interactions
    National Computer Research and Engineering Symposium
  • January 26, 2019:
    Dungeons and Designers. The You in UX
    Junior Form Function and Class
  • September 20, 2018:
    Designing Design Teams
    Sketch Meetup
  • July 25, 2018:
    I'll make type for you. Responsive Typography and Modular Scaling
    MiniFFC #50
  • February 23, 2017:
    Designing Disease called Stigma
    3rd Forum on Innovative and Collaborative Learning
  • February 22, 2016
    Designing a Disease Called Stigma
    Ateneo UX Society: UX and Chill
  • November 29, 2015:
    Curing a Disease called Stigma